Our Results for Summer 2018 have now been validated and we are delighted with the results!

Our Progress Score (now used to monitor how much progress every student makes during their time with us) is: 0.23 which means that our students gain nearly a quarter better results with us. This score puts Newman College Above Average and in the Top 300 (Top 7%) of sixth forms out of 4434 sixth forms nationally.

78% of students receiving A*-C grades – an increase of 7% on 2017 results. Over 53% of all entries were A*-B grades which, once again, saw an increase of 5% from the previous year.

Particular congratulations to Kinan Wihba who received 4 A*s, and Aaron Andrews and Daniel Karadzas who received 3 A* grades. Congratulations also to Bethany Davis, Marie Goodwin and Thomas Whitaker who received 2 A*s and 1 A; William Bingham, Samuel Clingan, Rosanna Corbie, Um-e Salma Mohammed, Archie Thackray and Jamie Tickel all received 1 A* and 2 As; Amy Colfer, Lucy Hatchley, Matilda Russell, Leo Towers and Jessica Tsapparelli all received 3 As.

Congratulations to Charley Abbott, Janis Batmanovs, Alice Guile, Luke Jephcott-Black, William Kingston, Jack Lewis, Eden Noble and Abbanoub Philips who all received Double Distinctions at BTEC.
Particular success was seen in Mathematics with the launch of the college’s Maths Academy where 88% of students received an A*-B grade in Mathematics and 75% received an A*-B grade in Further Mathematics.

Dr James Kilmartin, Principal, was delighted with the results. He said “The students are a credit to themselves, their families and the college. They have worked hard to achieve these results and I know that they will want to join me in thanking their teachers for the support and advice which has made a big contribution to their success. We are proud of each and every one of our students.

We have invested heavily in our Sixth Form and it is fantastic to see our results have increased every year since the opening of our new Newman College facility three years ago. We wish our students the very best for the future, which for many of them will include taking up places at some of the country’s best universities while others will be embarking on apprenticeships and other high quality routes directly into the world of work”.

Key Headlines:
53% of all entries gained A* – B grades
78% of all entries gained A*- C grades
98% of all entries gained A* – E grade
1 students achieved 4 A* grades
2 students achieved 3 A* grades

Celebrating Student Success 2018:

Kinan Wihba - A*, A*, A*, A* Kinan Wihba – A*, A*, A*, A*
Gains a place at Imperial College to read Medicine

Kinan came to the UK in July 2016 as a Syrian Refugee with very little English. He had never communicated or studied in the English language but has achieved 4 A*s and an A at AS Level.
Kinan said “I am so very happy right now – I didn’t expect to do this well and am so pleased! I really want to achieve the best I can and I am so grateful for the support the college has given me. There have been so many opportunities for me here at Newman College – they have supported me with work experience and Medicine Summer School. My mum is so very proud – she always wanted a doctor in the family! I called her and she was so very happy and kept laughing. I can’t wait to start reading Medicine at Imperial College – I love London as it is so multicultural and diverse. I love the feel of Imperial College which is very prestigious and I love the course which is research-led and has patient contact in the first year. I am looking forward to celebrating with all of my college friends later.”

Jess and Alisha Tsapparelli - 5 As and a B Jess Tsapparelli – A, A, A
Gains a place at Birmingham to read Biomedical Science
Alisha Tsapparelli – A, A, B
Gains a place at Birmingham to read History and Political Sciences

Twin sisters, Jess and Alisha, celebrate their A-level success with 5 As and a B between them.
Jess, who is also Captain of the Newman Lewes Football Academy, said “I really want to go into Medicine – my course interview went really well so I had an unconditional offer. I love the city of Birmingham and love the University Campus. I will be going out with my sister and our friends later.”
Alisha said: “It’s a really good course at Birmingham and I love the city and the campus. I will be going out with my sister and our friends later.” (the twins were spoken to separately and said exactly the same!)

Dan Karadzas - A*, A*, A* Dan Karadzas – A*, A*, A*
Gains a place at Oxford to read Biochemistry

Dan said “I am so relieved! It was a lot of pressure but the hard work has paid off! My brother is at Oxford and I have visited him quite a few times and love the place. It is an incredible city and I can’t wait to go!”

Aaron Andrews - A*, A*, A* Aaron Andrews – A*, A*, A*
Taking a gap year

Aaron said “I am ecstatic! I thought I had done a lot worse so really can’t believe it! I called my mum and she was crying. I will be the first one in my family to go to University and would love to ready Chemistry but not sure where yet. I have a work placement in an Accountancy firm which I start in a few weeks and then hope to go travelling before starting University next year.”

Will Bingham - A*, A, A Will Bingham – A*, A, A
Gains a place at Leeds to read Civil Engineering

Will said “I really didn’t think that I had done so well and was so worried. I’ve always been interested in Engineering and love the creative side of the course. I am really looking forward to going to Leeds as I love the city and it has a nice big campus. Most of my friends have done well so we will all be going out to celebrate in Brighton later.”

Rosie Corbie - A*, A, A Rosie Corbie – A*, A, A
Gains a place at UCL to read Biology

Rosie said “I am very happy and surprised! I really wanted to be in London and UCL has a fantastic Biology course. I woke my family up to tell them first thing this morning and they are all very happy. I am really looking forward to celebrating with friends later.”

Amy Colfer - A, A, A Amy Colfer – A, A, A
Gains a place at Southampton to read Mathematics with French

Amy said “I am so happy! I loved Southampton and I could really see myself there so can’t wait to start! I will be the first one in my family to go to University. My mum was with me when I got the UCAS offer and she is really proud. I can’t wait to go out with my friends and celebrate in Brighton tonight.”

Leo Towers - A, A, A Leo Towers – A, A, A
Gains a place at Bath to read Economics

Leo said “I can’t believe it! I was really worried about History but worked really hard and am so glad it paid off. My family are really happy for me. Bath is such a beautiful city and the University has a great reputation and is one of the best for Economics. I can’t wait to go! I am taking a gap year first to gain some work experience and go travelling.”