At this time of year there is always the possibility of severe weather, including snow. In these circumstances staff and students should refer to our website – – where information about any school closure will be available from 6.30a.m. Information will also be placed on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

We shall only close if the school is inaccessible and/or there are health and safety issues, inside and/or outside the buildings, which require that response.

In the event of severe weather during the day it could become necessary to close the school. Under these circumstances it is important that students have permission from their parents and carers to be sent home early.  If we do make the decision to close the school during the day, we would send a message to all parents/carers via Firefly and also communicate this on our website – – and social media accounts – Twitter and Facebook. We would ask parents and carers to promptly text their children with permission to leave school. This permission text would then be shown to their teachers so that they can be dismissed immediately.

If you have any concerns about your child leaving school early please do contact their Pastoral & Progress Lead.