The College’s primary focus is to support and develop our students so they are ready to progress from us armed with the skills and knowledge that allow them to be successful in the future. We recognise that there are a myriad of options available to them and that the choices made have far reaching impact. Whatever the future holds, our College Leadership Team, Employability and Enterprise partners and Careers Adviser are there to help provide specialist careers advice and consultation to students, help them to research their options and navigate their path to a successful future.

The work we do throughout the year with our students ensures they are prepared for their next steps after college. Our Careers plan shows how we support our one year Level 2 (Year 12) and two year Level 3 first year (Year 12 and 13).  You can view our Careers Strategy and Provider Access Policy here:

The Careers Lead at Newman College is: Graham Goldup, Raising Standards Leader for Key Stage 5.

Our Careers Programme

Throughout their time at Newman College we arrange a large number of careers events and experiences for our students and they will have the opportunity to hear talks from a variety of employers as well as universities and other institutions offering courses in higher education. There are two broad elements to the programme:

Careers Education: This covers issues relevant to all students (universal), including university; employment; gap years and the expanding range of higher level apprenticeships which can lead to degree level qualifications. There are separate programmes of support for students applying to Oxford or Cambridge and also medicine, veterinary medicine and other competitive degrees including teaching and nursing. These programmes are run by dedicated teachers and careers tutors with external providers who have developed a wealth of expertise in their areas of interest. There are also numerous programmes for our First Generation and 16-19 Bursary students through partners such as the local universities and IntoUniversity.

To support the Careers Education programme the College has developed a ‘World of Work Academy’ to ensure students research potential careers and their requirements; support them with personal and employability skills and competencies; and deliver our 16-19 Work Experience programme. Those applying for employment or apprenticeships are supported individually in their applications by the College Leadership Team and our Independent Careers Adviser.

Careers Guidance: This is concerned with an individual’s choices. These are explored initially through a one-to-one interview which allows a student the opportunity to look at ideas and discuss action planning and goal setting. Students are able to book online appointments with our CDI Registered Independent Careers Adviser and have access to free on-line resources and a wealth of careers related material.

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