Here are just some of the destinations our students have taken last year:

  • Eoin – A*, A*, A* at A-level and gains a place at Oxford to study Mathematics
  • Alfie – A*, A*, A, A at A-level and gains a place at Cambridge to study Law
  • Sheherezade – A*, A*, A and gains a place at Oxford to study Biochemistry
  • Deanna – B, B, C at A-level and gains an apprenticeship at Real Patisserie
  • Antonio – D*D*D* (triple distinction) at BTEC and gains a place at Kent reading Marketing
  • Asanti – D*D* (double distinction) at BTEC and gains a place at Portsmouth reading Nursing


Celebrating Student Success 2017:

Anya Smith – A*, A, A – gains a place at Cambridge to study Philosophy and Theology
Anya has been supported by Newman College and the Sutton Trust as a single parent family
Anya said “I didn’t expect to get that in Biology! I had clearing numbers ready yesterday as I was starting to feel anxious. I have been supported by Newman College who put me in touch with the Sutton Trust who support particular students. I applied to them as I am from a single parent family and was accepted – they helped me with my application to Cambridge and I went on a two week summer school there last year. I really enjoyed it and loved the college. I’m really looking forward to making new friends.”

Eoin Simpkins – A*, A*, A* – gains a place at Oxford to study Mathematics
Eoin is the first person in his family to attend Oxbridge
Eoin said “I’m feeling pretty good right now. I’ve had all the family on the phone already this morning – my nan called from Ireland at 8am! I’m the first to go to Oxbridge so this is really big. A number of my close friends at Newman applied to Oxford so I thought I would give it a go too. I was really nervous visiting such a prestigious college but really enjoyed it and am really looking forward to going.”

Harrie Smith – A*, A*, A, A – gains a place at Oxford to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Harrie will be starting his new life at Oxford on his Birthday
Harrie said “My parents are really pleased. It’s been an intense 7 weeks waiting for these results and I’m really shocked. I wasn’t expecting those grades. I applied to Oxford as it’s the best and has great sporting facilities. I also love the history there. I will be the first one in my family to go to Oxbridge. I will be starting on the 8th October which is my Birthday – what a way to celebrate!”

Sheherezade Scott – A*, A*, A – gains a place at Oxford to study Biochemistry
Sheherezade is the first person in her family to attend Oxbridge
Sheherezade said “I’m so happy and excited! I’ve been trying not to think about it. I thought I would apply to Oxford and the college gave me lots of support with my application. We spent time doing interview practice and preparing for the application process. I’m really nervous about attending such a prestigious university but so excited too.”

Alfie Crowley-Rata – A*, A*, A, A – gains a place at Cambridge to study Law
Alfie picked up his results with his mum
Alfie said “I’m so relieved! I wasn’t sure what to expect. My grandparents used to live in Cambridge and I always liked it. I’ve been on a shadowing scheme with Newman College for the past two years and have attended a few lectures there so it’s been great to give me a feel of life at Cambridge. I love all the societies there and am looking forward to joining a few.”
Alfie’s mum said “I am so pleased for him! He has studied incredibly hard and I am just so glad that it has paid off. We are very proud of him. Newman has been so fantastic and supportive and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done to get him here.”

Daphne Pacey – A*, C, B – gains a place at Aberystwyth to study Mathematics and History
Daphne gains a scholarship to secure her place at Aberystwyth
Daphne said “I’m very happy. I applied and had to take some examinations earlier in the year. I received 90% in History and 86% in Mathematics so they gave me a scholarship which includes £1000 a year, an unconditional offer and guaranteed accommodation every year. I’m really looking forward to it!”

Deanna Mason – B, B, C – gains an Apprenticeship at Real Patisserie
Deanna gains an apprenticeship at Brighton’s Real Patisserie as a Patisserie Chef
Deanna said “I have been gluten-free since I was seven years old and always found it difficult to find good gluten-free cakes. My nan got me into baking and it is my dream to open up a gluten-free bakery in the future. My teacher knew about my dream and found an apprenticeship with Real Patisserie in Brighton to become a Patisserie Chef. I applied and was fortunate enough to get the position which I will start in September. I will be studying one day a week in Eastbourne too. It’s what I have always wanted to do so I am very happy and excited!”

Gus Hyland – A*, A*, A* – gains a place at Bath to study Biochemistry
Gus did better than expected and will be going out in Brighton to celebrate tonight
Gus said “I am so excited – it is going to be amazing! I am really shocked as I wasn’t expecting those grades at all. I love Bath and really loved the course there – it will be a great place to spend three years. My older sister is at Cambridge at the moment. I will be going out in Brighton to celebrate tonight.”

Asanti Ahmed – D*, D* BTEC Level 3 – deferring for a year but has a place at Portsmouth to study Adult Nursing
Asanti came to the UK 5 years ago from Ethiopia and couldn’t speak any English when she arrived
Asanti said “I came here five years ago and it was really tough. I attended a few schools and got bullied and found it really difficult to fit in, especially as I couldn’t speak any English. I came to Newman College two years ago to do BTECs and it changed everything. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and I made lots of friends which helped my English improve. I feel amazing and am so happy with my results. I plan to defer my place at Portsmouth for a year and will continue with my work in a care home.”