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Key Ofsted Information

Welcome to our Ofsted Information page. The below links offer a summary of our latest inspections and current analysis of the school.

For Inspection Teams, more information can be found in the section below.

School Evaluation Data and Analysis

You can find out more about our school evaluation data and analysis here:

You can search and compare our performance to other schools here:

In order to support Inspection Teams, please see the relevant information below.


Click on the below links to find out more:

Values and Vision

British Values and Mission


Information and Policies
Contact Information
School Action Plan

We have a yearly School Action Plan in place to further improve the school and ensure that our children are even safer, happier and more successful at Cardinal Newman Catholic School.

Parent Survey and Parent View

As part of the Ofsted process, parents should also complete Parent View on an annual basis as it is the Ofsted mechanism for collecting parents’ views on the school. It asks for your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and behaviour. Please do take a few minutes to complete the survey if not done so already this year. You can access the survey here:

If any parent/carer would like a copy of any of the information on our school website please call us on 01273 558551 or email so that we can provide this free of charge.

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