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School Meals

We serve a wide choice of food and beverages, providing a nutritional balance and supporting a Healthy Lifestyle. Please see the below sections for the various deals that we offer with our food.

Parent Information 2023

Meals served reflect the cultural, medical and dietary needs of our students.

We have 4 catering outlets:

  • Newman Dining

  • Benedicts

  • Pitstop 11

  • Cafe 6


Please see the list below for our available menus:

Restaurant Menu

Theme Days | 2023/2024

Christmas Feast Menu

Breakfast Items

Grab & Go Menu

Homebaked & Sweet Treats Menu

Salad Bar Prices

Jacket Potato Prices

We have a selection of Meal Deals which can be seen below:

Meal Deals

Children whose parents receive one of the following benefits will be entitled to receive free school meals:

  • Income Support (IS)

  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance (IBJSA)

  • Income-related employment and support allowance (IR ESA) (this benefit was introduced 27 October 2008)

  • Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

  • Child Tax Credit (provided they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit) and have an annual income that does not exceed £16,190 (as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). Note – from 1 May 2009, where a parent is entitled to Working Tax Credit during the four-week period immediately after their employment ceases, or after they start to work less than 16 hours per week, their children are entitled to free school lunches.

  • The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit

Additionally, the following children are now eligible for support:

  • Children from families with No Recourse to Public Funds with a right to remain in the UK on the grounds of private and family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights

  • Children from families receiving support under Section 17 of the Children’s Act 1989 who are also subject to a no recourse to public funds restriction

  • Children of a subset of failed asylum seekers supported under Section 4 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

  • Families holding a BN(O) passport

  • Spousal visa holders, work visa holders, student visa holders

  • Children of Zambrano and Chen carers

  • Those with no immigration status / those who are undocumented

This is not a full list of children who may be eligible, so if you have No Recourse to Public Funds but the above does not apply to you please fill in the application form and contact *insert contact here* to discuss further.

For more information about Free School Meals and Pupil Premium, click on the Page link below.

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