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Courses to Support Parents of Children Struggling with Anxiety

The Adult Education Hub is continuing its established online courses to support parents and carers of young people struggling with anxiety, and those needing to build resilience. During the past two years, more than 500 parents/carers have attended the sessions and feedback continues to be extremely positive. Here are some recent comments:

“The course has been really helpful, particularly learning new approaches and ways to respond which are making a difference.”

“Listened to our concerns. The course helped me reflect on how to support my daughter.”

Supporting a Young Person with Anxiety: A Course for Parents/Carers (2 x 90 min online Zoom sessions)

  • Practical strategies to help the young person manage anxiety.

  • Find ways to talk about worries.

  • Recognise unhelpful, automatic thoughts and challenge negative thinking.

  • Encourage self-care.

  • Help parents/carers explore approaches that are helpful and those that may be less helpful.

Building a Young Person’s Resilience: A Course for Parents/Carers (2 x 90 min online Zoom sessions)

  • Help young people navigate uncertainty and change.

  • Encourage young people’s capability and self-confidence.

  • Ensure expectations of children are a good-fit for them.

  • Help young people to avoid feeling overwhelmed and learn to regulate their emotions.

Enrolment can be completed online or by calling the Adult Education Hub on 01273 292828.

Jo Roeg can answer questions on

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