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Global Young Journalist Awards 2023

What are the Global Young Journalist Awards?

The Global Young Journalist Awards is a youth journalism competition that aims to inspire future generations of journalists to build a better world through storytelling. Now in its second year, the Awards feature new categories and invite young people to enter their story in any format they wish.

It is a free competition, open to anyone under 19 on 1st January 2023, wherever they are in the world. Launched by Richard Addis, founder and editor of the digital newspaper, The Day, these journalism awards are on a mission to become the leading of its kind for young people.


Launching: Thursday 2nd March 2023

Entry deadline: Wednesday 19th April

Virtual awards ceremony: Thursday 15th June 2023, 6pm

What can you win?

  • Feedback on your work from a team of journalists.

  • A celebration at a virtual live ceremony featuring our celebrity judges.

  • Your work published on The Day’s website.

  • A trophy engraved with your name.

  • A certificate.

What are the Global Young Journalist Awards categories?

Anyone under 19 on 1st January 2023 can enter any of the following 12 categories this year. You can enter as many categories as you like, but only one entry per category. Getting involved in journalism builds a number of skills from storytelling, communication, research, global awareness, oracy and fact-checking. It also helps to boost young people’s confidence and literacy skills.

  • Climate Journalist of the Year

  • Mental health Journalist of the Year

  • Health Journalist of the Year

  • Gender Journalist of the Year

  • Equality Journalist of the Year

  • Anti-Racism Journalist of the Year

  • Science Journalist of the Year

  • Technology Journalist of the Year

  • Media Journalist of the Year

  • Sports Journalist of the Year

  • Financial Journalist of the Year

  • Politics Journalist of the Year

There will be one winner and one runner-up per category, per age group. There are two age groups according to the student’s age as of 1st January 2023:

  • 10 and under

  • 11 – 18

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