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Music Courses for Parents and Students

Updated: Jan 26, 2023


Have you ever wanted to create your own music digitally but don't know where to begin? Then our Debut Music Production course is for you!

Over the 3 weeks, you will look at the basics of creating music starting with programming beats, then looking at harmony, and finishing with adding melody. We will cover a range of styles from House to Dubstep.

In this course you will learn how to program music using a range of synthesisers, drum machines, and effects. You will open the door to being able to create your own music, remixes, and more.

3 week course at Sound Rooms, Brighton. Starts Wed 18 Jan 2023.


This course will look at the first steps of creating and recording a song. You will look at key elements of song writing to build and create a final piece, including popular chord progression, how to write lyrics, creating song structures and writing catchy melodies.

The use of Digital Audio Workstations such as Logic or GarageBand will allow you to listen back to your songs and take home a piece at the end of the course.

There will also be a chance for you to have a go at playing each other’s songs to see how your songs would sound live.

5 week course at Sounds Rooms, Brighton. Starts Wed 8 Feb 2023.


Join Phil Nelson for the second instalment of his DIY Artists Circle.

Phil will talk us through the key areas a musician of any genre needs to understand, in order to build a fanbase and momentum; and to attract the attention of professional help both locally and further afield.

1 day workshop at Sound Rooms, Brighton. Wed 1 Feb 2023.

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