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New Information about our Equestrian Academy

We have re-started our riding sessions for the Cardinal Newman Equestrian Academy. These sessions will vary in activity and are offered at educational support discounted costs.

Come and join us for the next two sessions at Lancing Equestrian.

May 26th @ 9:30 - Horse Ball Training

Horse ball is a sport where riders on horseback compete in a game similar to rugby, but using a

large ball. The objective is for the riders to work together to move the ball into the opposing team's


Horse Ball is a discipline that allows both players and horses to engage in a fun and thrilling team

game. It can be played by anyone on any kind of horse or pony, making it especially attractive to

riders looking for a new challenge and riding goal.

Horse ball is good for both the horse and rider for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to improve

communication and teamwork between the horse and rider, as they must work together to control

the ball and navigate the field. This can strengthen the bond between the pair and improve their

overall performance in other equestrian disciplines.

For the rider, horse ball can improve their riding skills, as they must be able to control their horse

at high speeds and in close proximity to other riders. It can also be a fun and exciting way to

challenge themselves and their horse, while also providing a social and competitive outlet for


July 6th @ 11:45 - Working Equitation Training

Equitation is good for riders because it helps them improve their balance, coordination, and overall

riding skills. It also helps riders develop a better understanding of their horse's movements and how to communicate effectively with their horse. Additionally, equitation can help riders build

confidence and trust in themselves and their horse, leading to a more enjoyable and successful

riding experience.

CNCS riders can access the further Lancing equestrian timetable at their own convenience. See

below, what’s on this month.

Weekday timetable 


  • Private training session AM & PM

  • Adult only group training sessions

  • After school Horse ball training with Matteo


  • Private training session AM & PM

  • College Riding

  • Group Hacking

  • After school Mounted games team training with Carla


  • Extra provisions school’s educational placement day - by invite only - Please contact me for further information. 


  • Private training session AM & PM

  • Group training - Activity sessions - Equitation/Pole/Grid/Jump/Dressage

  • Schools & College Training


  • Private training session AM & PM

  • Adult only group training sessions

  • After school jump training with Matteo 


  • Private training session AM & PM

  • Schools Training 

  • Group lessons;

  • New Forest (Independent centre/beginner jump kids)

  • Shetland (beginner)

  • Dartmoor (Independent walk/trot)

  • Welsh (beginner/independent canter kids)

  • Dales (advance teens)


  • New Forest (Independent centre/beginner jump kids)

  • Adults group training, mixed levels 

  • Connemara (intermediate teens)

  • Shetland (beginner)

  • Dartmoor (Independent walk/trot)

  • Welsh (beginner/independent canter kids

May Half term & Summer Holiday Time table is live now

More sessions will be added if the demand is high. I am really looking forward to welcoming you all back.

Mrs Baker 

Newman Equestrian Academy

Amy Baker - Director Lancing Equestrian

Facebook;  Lancingequestrian

Instagram:  LancingEquestrian

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