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Our shiny new Solar Panels

We are thrilled to share some exciting news about the recent addition to our school - the Solar Panels from Brighton Energy Co-op!

Our ongoing commitment to environmental consciousness is something we are very proud of here at Newman, and we believe the latest addition to our energy infrastructure will continue our efforts to becoming more eco-friendly.

Thanks to the support of local individuals taking action against climate change, our school now boasts 696 Brighton Energy solar PV panels spread across 10 roofs. This 348 kWp system is anticipated to generate 327 MWh of clean, green solar electricity annually, covering approximately 38% of our school's electricity needs. This translates to substantial savings, around £7,400 per year at current rates, and an impressive carbon reduction of 75,537 kg annually – equivalent to planting 3,825 trees!

The community's collective effort in funding, installing, and maintaining these solar panels is a testament to the power of local collaboration in fostering sustainable practices.

We've included some photos below of the Solar Panels.

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