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Year 12's teaching Year 8's in Aspire Academy | June 2023

Here at Newman, we offer an 11-18 curriculum and with that, we are able to organise workshops with a mixture of year groups.

This week, during one of our Science Aspire Academy sessions, our Year 12's took charge to teach our Year 8 students about the Human Anatomy. This is part of a series of sessions, where our Year 12's will work with different year groups in the School to teach them about everything they have learnt in their College lessons.

At the College, we currently have a Science, STEM, Humanities and Business Aspire Academy; with the hope to add more in the future. Each year, select students are invited to join one of the Aspire Academies to further their knowledge within their field. Sessions are timetabled each week to allow the students to work within their groups to accomplish a number of challenges and work through information above their curriculum.

This year has been the first year that the programmes have fully developed and we are excited to see what is to come from following sessions!

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