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Year 9 Business in Focus Day - Enterprise Task | June 2023

On Friday 30 June, 19 Year 9 students ventured to Schroders in London to take part in our first Business in Focus Day with IntoUniversity.

The Day comprised of the students splitting into two groups and taking part in various tasks, challenges and meetings to build their own Charity Music Concert. The groups pitched to a board of trustees at various points of the day, with a final round at the end of the day to decide which group would win. Throughout the day, students were assisted in their tasks by employees of Schroders, which enabled them to share and develop their Career knowledge within the Corporate sector.

Some of the tasks the students took part in included:

  • Marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Finances

  • Performing

  • Public Speaking

    • ...oh and they also enjoyed a rather delicious lunch!

Groups had to decide on roles (some of which were shared) to ensure they all played a part in the tasks. These jobs included:

  • Brand Director

  • Finance Manager

  • Merchandise Manager

  • Fundraising Manager

  • CEO

  • Press Release Manager

  • Social Media Manager

  • Artistic Director

It was great to see our students actively get involved in these tasks and over the course of the day, it was enlightening to see their confidence grow and enthusiasm shine. Once the day had finished, many students asked if 'We could do this again' and said that 'they really enjoyed the day and it's something they want to go into when they're older'. This was great feedback from our students and we can't wait to showcase other events like this to build on the Enterprise element of our Business, Enterprise and Careers Hub!

A special thank you to staff from Schroders and IntoUniversity who hosted the day, it was one for our students to remember!!

Please take a look at the gallery below for some snapshots of the day! To see more content about what we offer within our Business, Enterprise and Careers Hub, please follow @cncs_BEACH on Twitter and Instagram!

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